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What goes into handmade jewelry

What goes into handmade jewelry

The cost of having a piece of jewellery custom made for you
The cost of your custom made piece of jewellery will be determined by your budget and you are in charge of your budget. You tell us how much you want to spend and we will source stones and steer you to designs to fit into your budget. The larger the wedding band, the more gold used = the pricier the ring. Any engagement ring with a D colour VVS1 .75ct diamond will cost you more than any F colour VS2 .42ct one, but most budgets can be met. Our most expensive ring to date was £12,500, our least expensive one was £266. What you do need to be aware of is that weight for weight and comparable quality of stones, the high street jewellery prices are expensive - the quality of the stones (which often have flaws ) and the weight of the gold (often minimal) is not good value. In our designs the stones are the best quality you can afford, the gold is sufficiently heavy to protect the ring and you will have something no-one else has - a piece custom created for you.

Diamonds are the hardest known natural material. Most natural diamonds are formed at high temperature and pressure at depths of 140 to 190 kilometers (87 to 120 mi) in the mantle of the Earth and many are 75% of the age of the earth. The hardness of diamond contributes to its suitability as a gemstone. Because it can only be scratched by other diamonds, it maintains its polish extremely well which is one of the reasons it is a popular choice for wedding and engagement rings. Although diamonds are the hardest natural material and are pretty impervious to scratching, they can shatter if they are struck on one of their natural lines. This is the cleave factor.


The 4Cs
Four characteristics, known as the four Cs, are used to describe the characteristics of a diamond: these are carat, cut, colour and clarity. These 4 characteristics are the main influences on its value and its price.

Carat: the word carat came from Italian carato and the Greek word kerátion meaning seed (carob). The Carat is the weight of a diamond. The largest diamond ever sold at auction was an egg shaped 118carat which sold for $30.6m (an awful lot of seeds!)

Cut: The most common diamond cuts is Brilliant cut. This is a round shape, traditionally it has 58 facets, these are all cut at precise angles to each other to enable the light to bounce around and enter the diamond this maximises its sparkle its beauty and its fire. It is the great skill of the diamond cutter that creates such brilliance.

Colour: There is a scale of colour used by gemmologists to grade white diamonds. The highest regarded colour is D and it descends down the scale to Z. Prized diamonds are mostly D colour but never less than F.

Clarity: It is very rare to find a perfect flawless diamond. Most have some internal flaws called inclusions, each diamond is different from the next. The number and size of the inclusions are what make it more or less valuable. There are 11 standards or grades in this section, these are: FL (Flawless) IF (Internally Flawless) VVS1 and VVS2 (very, very slightly included) VS1 and VS2 (very slightly included) SI1 and SI2 (slightly included) and I1, I2, I3 (Included) in the lower grades the inclusions will be seen with the naked eye but you would need an eye glass for any imperfections above SI1.

All our designs are in either 18ct yellow, white or red gold. This is because we believe these are the best precious metals for jewellery making. Many High street jewellery shops sell 9ct gold, but only 37.5% of 9ct gold is gold, the rest is silver or base metal. In 18ct it is 75% gold with 25% of alloys making the metal more durable, 22 and 24ct gold are very soft for jewellery. The white gold we use contains Palladium, as a result we do not rhodium plate our white gold, which saves our clients from having to have their rings re-plated every year and means that the natural and beautiful colour of white gold can be worn.

Other precious stones

Other precious stones
Although diamonds are the most popular of gemstones we love the beauty and colours of other precious stones, particularly Rubies, Sapphires, Opals and Tanzanites. Any of our brand designs can be made using any precious stone. We also have good suppliers of Fairtrade rubies and sapphires.


" I had the most beautiful ring made, absolutely love it, so much so I had to have another made. Both of them are just as I wanted them. The designs are so very different from anything else you’d see and the quality of workmanship is fabulous and because they are handcrafted, they are one of a kind and that makes them extra special to me.”

by: Chloe (Leeds)

"I totally love Seth’s jewellery and the individual nature of it. I went looking for a gift for my mother and ended up buying 3 pieces for myself as well. She loves her Gemini pendant designed by Seth and always wears it. I have had 2 rings made by him a pair of earrings and a Foxy chain. They are my treasures”

by: Tracy M (Gibraltar)

"The first thing Seth made me was a chain out of white and yellow gold. I visited him to watch all the different stages of him making it. I bought it 8 years ago now and have worn it every day since then. Another plus is that the value has increased 4x since I bought it. After that first buy I became a bit addicted and have had a bracelet made, 2 rings and a pair of earrings. I love all of them, I also love the fact that as they are handmade you can’t get 2 identical so I have 5 items of jewellery no one has or will ever have. I’m saving up now for one of his Iona sapphire rings!”

by: Anne R (Wilsden)