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Designed with You

The design and making process ...

The jewellery design

The process we went through with our clients (Sarah and Phil) for the Crown ring above models for you the way our designs can be commissioned. It begins with a conversation about the what you need - either a face to face meeting, a telephone call or an email. We try to find out about you, the designs you like, the shapes you like, the colours you like. Below are three commissions and processes we have worked through with clients.

Commissioning The Crown ring (image above) These clients wanted a unique custom made wedding band. They found our website and rang to book an appointment. (The appointment is essential, don't just turn up please!) We asked that they bring as much information as possible with them, drawings, photos, a list of ideas, questions, preferred gemstones, preferred metals etc.. This is important because sometimes it is very hard to describe the idea you have in your mind so we used their collection of information as prompts to guide them towards their ideal piece of jewellery. This first appointment usually takes about 1 hour. We measured her finger, we discussed design ideas, we discussed the budget and we decided on a stone (a sapphire), shape of stone (round), setting (rub over) and type of metal (18ct white gold with yellow gold accents). Some preliminary drawings were done by hand. Only when we were all clear of the design and a consensus was reached a deposit was put down. This is usually about 25% of the agreed budget. We explained that the white gold we use is high in palladium and in our opinion does not need rhodium plating. A second appointment was made to choose the gemstones from a selection we brought in from one of our gem dealers, and at the same time to look through a selection of computer generated designs. They made a small change to the design. The design and making of the ring took about 4 weeks, the clients were invited in to try on the ring before the sapphire was set and before it was sent off to hallmarking. The wedding band was completed 6 weeks after the initial meeting. This is about average though it can be longer or shorter depending on how busy we are, the intricacy of the design and how busy the Assay office is.

The Process when you live outside Yorkshire ...

The Jewellery Process

We acknowledge that there may be other parts of the country where good taste and individuality of spirit survive so if you are not lucky enough to live in Yorkshire then-:

Shand RingThe image on the right is called a Shand ring, we made this for Sharon and Andy. It is made out of 18ct white gold with a four claw setting (we are a bit neurotic about the safety of claw settings and so we made their shape and density part of the design to ensure they held well). The star of the stage though is the AAAA 2.4ct Tanzanite which was absolutely stunning. It took us 6 weeks researching across all our gem dealers before we narrowed the choice down to 3 and this is the one they chose. The clients who commissioned this live in Cambridge we worked through the same process as above but with just one of visit before setting, to make sure the band fitted properly. They selected the design they liked and chose the stone from a selection we gave them.

Vine RingThe image on the left is called a Vine ring. It is made out of 18ct yellow gold with white gold setting. The stone is a really beautiful red Marquise shaped Burmese Ruby. The clients who ordered this live in London we worked through the same process as above but with just one visit to make sure the band fitted properly. They selected the design they liked from a selection taken from our website. They altered the colour of the setting and found out the ring size, they emailed all the details to us, we sent them a variety of options and they chose the one they liked the best.


"Hi Seth. The ring looks great! After David picked it up, he passed it on to friends who were coming to see us (in France). The two side diamonds look much bigger than I remembered and you were quite right about leaving it at that – any more would have made the ring much too wide. The settings feel secure and altogether I am absolutely delighted with it – and John thinks it looks good too. Thank you again. .”

by: John and Anne M (France)

"Seth, Thank you so much for my beautiful ring. Your craftsmanship is outstanding and I will always treasure it. Everyone who has seen it has commented on how beautiful it has been made and how fantastic it looks. With many thanks, ”

by: Helen (Leeds)

"Seth has become our family designer and goldsmith, all our family’s engagement rings and wedding rings have been designed and made by him, we can trust that he’ll not only do a good job but that he’ll go the extra mile for you. His designs are always unique, the jewellery always looks just perfect and he always gives such good advice that I feel I know loads about diamonds and gold now because he takes the time to talk you through all the options.”

by: Jane (Queensbury)

"Two years ago after my mum died I knew exactly who I wanted to make her favourite earrings into a ring; Seth. He had been so attentive when he made me a lovely ring the year before. I think we talked for two hours over coffee while we discussed all the different possibilities. He tested the gold several times (white and yellow gold brought together) to be absolutely sure he could give me the best advice possible. When I came for the fitting he said he had made the ring three times – just because he wanted it to be perfect for me. It is the most beautiful ring I have ever had and a perfect memory of my mother. I could not recommend Seth and SG7 Jewellery more.”

by: Jennifer (Leeds)